Our Graffiti Removal Work on a Brunswick Heritage Home

A Heritage Home Vandalised

In early 2021, Precision Laser Cleaning was contacted to perform our graffiti removal services on a heritage home in Brunswick, Victoria. PLC brought our portable laser cleaners to the residence, leaving no trace of the vandalism and no structural damage to the building itself.

Graffiti project - Brunswick heritage home
Graffiti removal work on a Brunswick heritage home

Our Non-Abrasive Graffiti Removal Method

Graffiti removal had already been attempted on the project before Precision Laser Cleaning was contacted. Chemical cleaning and pressure washing services had caused damage to the mortar between the bricks of the heritage building, threatening the building’s structural integrity.

Looking for an alternative approach to graffiti removal that did not cause damage to the heritage building, the owner approached the PLC team. Our laser cleaners effectively completed the graffiti removal without damaging the brick substrate or mortar, as laser cleaning uses no chemicals, water, or abrasive media to operate.

non-abrasive graffiti removal method

Portable Laser Cleaners Brought to You

Precision Laser Cleaning provided a portable 100-watt laser cleaner with localised extraction and portable containment capabilities to the site. Our laser cleaners were calibrated to vaporise the graffiti with a particular wavelength of light that the paint absorbed but that the surface beneath it did not, leaving the heritage building completely untouched. The vaporised graffiti was immediately collected in the laser cleaner’s localised extraction chamber for disposal, so no clean-up was needed. The entire graffiti removal project was complete in a matter of hours.

PLC offers laser cleaning services across Australia with our portable laser cleaners. Contact us today to get us out to your site, whether it’s in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, or TAS.

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