The Science of Precision Cleaning and Restoration

How Does Laser Cleaning Work?

Laser cleaning uses the fact that everything absorbs different wavelengths of light at different rates. Essentially, our laser cleaners are calibrated to vaporise a predetermined contaminant and no other material, based on the factors that affect the rates that they absorb different wavelengths of light, including their colour and chemical composition.

We tune our laser cleaners to vaporise only unwanted layers of material selectively and instantly. Providing there is a discrimination between the base substrate and the contaminant to be cleaned, our lasers will be tuned to remove the unwanted layer while having the base substrate simply reflect the calibrated laser light, resulting in zero damage.

Our laser cleaners can be tuned to clean to a predetermined level. We understand that the client does not always want a brand-new feel, as with heritage restoration. Our lasers can be calibrated to remove only the fire damage and not affect the natural heritage look of the stone.
How Does Laser Cleaning Work?
How Does Laser Cleaning Work?
Some of the most common applications for laser cleaning include:

Laser Cleaning Applications

Queen Victoria Building Heritage Listed in Sydney, Australia


  • Heritage Buildings and Bridges
  • Historical Artifacts
  • Memorials and Statues
  • Lead Paint Removal
Aviation cleaning


  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Injection Mould Cleaning

  • Aviation Components

  • Turbine Cleaning

  • Oxide and Rust Removal

  • Weld preparation and cleaning
  • Military and maritime maintenance and preservation
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) surface preparation
Fire damage restoration


  • Oxide and Rust Removal
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Lead Paint Removal
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Preventative Maintenance

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What’s Different About PLC’s Cleaning Lasers?

Precision Laser Cleaning uses the world’s most advanced and state-of-the-art cleaning laser cleaners to provide highly controlled, damage-free solutions.

Our laser cleaners use a patented circular scan system, which are specifically designed for smooth, even circular laser cleaning. Since our laser cleaners continually move in a circular motion, they not only increase efficiency when cleaning, but can also get into textured and grooved surfaces that more basic line scan lasers cannot. Need precise and even cleaning with no hot spots or micro cracking? Use Precision Laser Cleaning’s unique circular scan laser cleaning services!

What’s Different About Plc’s Cleaning Lasers?
What’s Different About Plc’s Cleaning Lasers?

Benefits of Hiring Precision Laser Cleaning

Our laser cleaning services are:


We clean only the area you desire us to clean at only a pre-determined level, with no damage to the underlying surface.

Environmentally friendly

Laser cleaning is chemical-free and produces no secondary waste that sandblasting, high pressure water, scraping, detergent, or solvent cleaning produces.


We can clean in situ or in our facility, with quick set up and pack up on sites across NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA and TAS.

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