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Laser cleaning uses the fact that everything absorbs different wavelengths of light at different rates. Essentially, our laser cleaners are calibrated to vaporise a predetermined contaminant and no other material, based on the factors that affect the rates that they absorb different wavelengths of light, including their colour and chemical composition.

We tune our laser cleaners to vaporise only unwanted layers of material selectively and instantly. Providing there is a discrimination between the base substrate and the contaminant to be cleaned, our lasers will be tuned to remove the unwanted layer while having the base substrate simply reflect the calibrated laser light, resulting in zero damage.

Our laser cleaners can be tuned to clean to a predetermined level. We understand that the client does not always want a brand-new feel, as with heritage restoration. Our lasers can be calibrated to remove only the fire damage and not affect the natural heritage look of the stone.

What Is an Injection Mold and How Do You Clean It?

An injection mold is a piece of equipment used in injection molding, a manufacturing process that produces parts in large volumes, such as creating the same part thousands or even millions of times over. Molten plastic is injected into the injection mold, filling out the space to create the shape of the needed part. As injection molding is increasingly used for small parts (also known as ‘microparts’), injection molds can be extremely complex, requiring delicate cleaning.

Laser cleaning injection molds involves applying a laser scanning beam to the surface of the mold. The mold itself reflects the laser energy and so stays unaffected, while the contaminants on the mold including additives, colourants, grease, rubber build-up, and rust absorb the laser energy and are quickly vaporised.

Why Non-abrasive Injection Mold Cleaning Is Vital

Injection molds need to be pristine to produce parts that work, especially complex molds of microparts. Any contaminant on the mold or damage to it will change the shape of the parts it produces, which could render them unusable.

Injection molds require regular cleaning with a method that leaves the mold pristine and undamaged. Where other cleaning methods may not be comprehensive or leave microscopic fractures in the injection molds, laser cleaning quickly vaporises all contaminants and leaves the molds themselves unaffected.

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