Our Lead-Based Paint Removal Services for Snowy Hydro Non-Destructive Testing

The Murray 1 Snowy Hydro Power Station

Constructed in 1967, Murray 1 is one of the two Murray Region Hydroelectric Power Stations which make up the Snowy Mountain hydroelectricity and irrigation scheme, the largest engineering project ever constructed in Australia. The Snowy Mountain Scheme is made up of a total of nine power stations, which provide a power grid for the scheme’s sixteen major dams, two pumping stations, and 225 kilometres of irrigation pipelines which provide peak-load power for three Australian states.

As one of the nation’s largest and most advanced hydroelectric power projects, any maintenance work on the Snowy Mountains Scheme must be technologically advanced, and is vitally important to keeping the network as a whole working as efficiently as possible.

Power Generator Maintenance Works

The Murray 1 power station consists of ten turbines that produce an annual power generation of up to 1500GWh. Each turbine is fitted within an ASEA-manufactured generator which has a total generating capacity of 950MW, and which is able to produce enough electricity to supply power to over 95,000 homes.

Beginning in 2013, Murray 1 has undergone an extensive program of maintenance and refurbishment to extend the lifespan of its generators by an additional 15 years. An important part of this work consisted of the removal of lead-based paint from the Stator Frames of each generator turbine in order to enable non-destructive testing to be completed on the welds. This is because using traditional paint strippers is time consuming and has associated EHS risks due to the presence of dangerous fumes for the workers and those in their surroundings. See our industrial cleaning works.

Using Our Laser Cleaning Services for Safe Lead-Based Paint Removal

Precision Laser Cleaning was engaged by GE Renewable Energy as part of the Murray 1 power generator maintenance program to use our safe and reliable laser cleaning services for the removal of lead-based paints from the required welds for inspection. The works were required to be completed in a tight time frame and with minimal interruption to associated refurbishment works.

With the quick set-up of our laser cleaner, Precision Laser Cleaning was able to successfully assist GE Renewable Energy and the Snowy Hydro Scheme with the refurbishment of their turbines while saving time, reducing maintenance costs, and leaving no damage to the generators. Learn more about our lead-based paint removal services.

Discover What Precision Laser Cleaning Can Do For You

We use our laser cleaners for lead-based paint removal services on a wide range of major Australian projects and locations. If you’d like to discover more about how we can help with our lead paint removal services, contact us today.

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