Our laser blasting services

Precision Laser Cleaning provides Australia’s heritage, industrial, and insurance sectors with innovative laser cleaning services, suitable for major projects.

Damage-free surface cleaning services

We provide laser blasting services for major projects across Australia, catering to surfaces that require cleaning, NDT surface preparation, injection mould cleaning, corrosion cleaning, and coating removal with the use of state-of-the-art laser cleaning technology. Our customers choose to engage our surface cleaning services and laser cleaning because our advanced methods don’t cause destructive damage to the surface they are utilised on. Our laser cleaning technology is quick to set up, offering a fast service time that completes cleaning without negatively impacting structures and surfaces.

Our laser cleaning technology uses no harmful chemicals and is designed to eliminate hot spots, ensuring no micro-cracking damage to the surfaces they clean. Hire us today for a customisable laser cleaning package!

You can rely on us if you need surface cleaning services

We’re the professional Australia-wide providers of laser cleaning technology that limits damage and maximises results.

Our surface cleaning services include:

Non-destructive testing

We provide surface preparation for non-destructive testing using our laser cleaning technology. Laser blasting will ensure a clean surface through vaporising surface contamination, leaving the surface in optimal condition for testing.

Corrosion & oxide removal

Over time, surfaces will develop oxide, rust, and corrosion damage which when left unchecked, can result in costly deterioration. You can bypass these long-term issues by choosing our laser blasting services to safely remove this damage.

Paint and hazardous coating removal

For paint and coating removals, our laser cleaning technology will safely remove the desired coating without damaging the delicate surfaces beneath. Any hazardous coatings you need removed will be effectively banished with our laser blasting equipment.

Injection mould cleaning

We’re able to complete injection mould cleaning by burning off any contaminants using our laser blasting equipment. This will ensure the mould remains free from any corrosion or faults, keeping it in functional order.

Fire damage and insurance restoration

For destruction such as fire damage, we provide surface cleaning services for disaster recovery, preventative maintenance, mechanical cleaning, and more. We guarantee our laser blasting will effectively restore these surfaces as they were.

Industrial services

Our industrial laser cleaning technology will provide surface cleaning services for machinery, NDT surface preparation, injection mould cleaning, coating removal, and more. We will ensure industrial surfaces are completely cleaned and restored.

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Precision Laser Cleaning provides laser cleaning services across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and beyond. Our wide and established presence under the Steamatic Group ensures we can support any major project in Australia with specialised laser cleaning technology suited to your specific requirements.

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