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Precision Laser Cleaning provides Australia’s heritage, industrial, and insurance sectors with innovative laser cleaning services, suitable for major projects.

Our Cleaning Specialties

Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal

Traditional lead paint removal techniques involve high pressure garnet blasting, water blasting, and other medias including chemical based applications. These methods not only create large amounts of secondary hazardous waste, but are often costly in set up and encapsulation, and can cause negative environmental impact.

So, what’s the better option? Laser cleaning! With no chemicals, no media, and no secondary waste, laser lead paint removal is quick to set up and provides total lead paint removal while creating no secondary waste. It eliminates the need for expensive encapsulation as its localised direct fume extraction meets environmental requirements.

Rust Removal

Rust Removal

Corrosion, oxides, and rust can cause significant damage to structures and assets, and can be a costly problem to fix or replace when allowed to spread. Our laser cleaners can quickly be deployed to remove localised or total rust, oxide, and corrosion from your next project. By using only lasers as the removal technique, we eliminate any need for harsh chemicals or abrasive blasting that cause secondary issues. Call us for your next rust removal project!

Sandstone Cleaning

Masonry and Sandstone Cleaning

Whether it’s sandstone, granite, limestone, or other masonry surfaces, a delicate approach is essential when it comes to cleaning, particularly when the surface is old or of heritage value. By utilising our heritage approved non-abrasive laser cleaning technology, we can easy clean away biofilm, fire damage, and years of staining without causing any damage to the original substrate. Our technology has been used on many significant projects around the world including the Jefferson Memorial, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and even the Notre Dame.

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Heritage Site Restoration

We clean building facades, structures, monuments, statues, and sculptures for biofilm, coating, overspray, paint, corrosion, oxide, and graffiti removal. Our affordable and environmentally friendly laser cleaning services provide precise, controlled cleaning with no chemicals or abrasives, making laser cleaning ideal for preserving patina during historic stone and metal cleaning with no waste or media clean up.

The Old Windmill a heritage-listed tower mill
Rusty metal wall

Laser Cleaning in Industrial Settings

We remove coatings, corrosion, rust, oxides, and more for surface preparation and cleaning in the industrial sector. Our laser cleaning equipment’s quick set up, safe operation, minimal waste disposal cost, and discrete containment makes it ideal for machinery cleaning, non-destructive testing surface preparation, injection mold cleaning, weld cleaning, and hospitality applications.

Insurance and Specialist Cleaning

Under the Steamatic Group, Precision Laser Cleaning provides laser cleaning services for disaster recovery, preventative maintenance, mechanical cleaning, and more. We can provide in situ laser cleaning or laser cleaning at our facility for fire damage restoration, corrosion and oxide removal, stains and overspray removal, graffiti removal, and other restoration applications provided by Steamatic Australia.

Fire damage removal

Our Laser Cleaning Equipment

Industrial High-Power Lasers

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 170cmx75cmx140cm
  • Weight: 370kg
  • Optic fibre reach: 20m umbilical to gun head
  • Power requirements: 415V three phase <10amp

Best Used For:

  • ​Lead and industrial coating removal
  • Large scale corrosion, rust, and oxide removal
  • Defence projects
  • Maritime restoration
  • Civil construction

heritage listed statue oxidised

Portable Mid-Power Lasers

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 74cmx41cmx55cm​
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Optic fibre reach: 6m umbilical to gun head
  • Power requirements: 240V single phase <5amp

Best Used For:
  • Heritage site restoration
  • Masonry cleaning
  • Localised corrosion, rust, and
  • oxide removal
  • Localised lead paint removal
  • Non-destructive testing laser cleaning
  • Weld cleaning
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Surface preparation

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Precision Laser Cleaning provides laser cleaning services across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and beyond. Our wide and established presence under the Steamatic Group ensures we can support any major project in Australia with specialised laser cleaning technology suited to your specific requirements.

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