Fire damage cleaning

We work with our partner, the Steamatic Group, to provide insurance cleaning and disaster restoration cleaning projects across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, and beyond with innovative and effective laser cleaning services.

Laser restoration and cleaning

Fire damage can often result in surfaces that are extremely difficult to restore and clean. Because of the nature of disaster damage, many traditional fire damage cleaning methods won’t be able to restore surfaces as they once were. Luckily, our team is experienced in fire restoration cleaning.

We have experience using our laser cleaning equipment to complete fire damage cleaning to high standards, completely removing any contaminants from the surface and not damaging the material beneath. Not only do we complete fire damage cleaning, but we also provide general insurance restoration.

Rammed Earth Fire Damage

The experienced fire damage cleaning team

Our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure laser restoration and cleaning performed on any surface we’re assigned to will be completed to the highest standard. With quality at the forefront of our minds, we want to ensure the surfaces we work on are restored efficiently. For effective fire damage cleaning from a professional team, you can’t do better than Precision Laser Cleaning.

If you want to work with the first-choice provider of laser cleaning across Australia, reach out to us today!

Do you require fire damage cleaning?

Our other laser cleaning services

Alongside our fire damage cleaning, we also offer:

Non-destructive testing

We provide surface preparation for non-destructive testing using our laser cleaning equipment to vaporise imperfections

Corrosion & oxide removal

If your surfaces have developed oxide, rust, or corrosion damage, trust our laser blasting services to safely remove this damage.

Paint and hazardous coating removal

Our laser cleaning equipment can vaporise all manner of paint or hazardous coatings from surfaces using our laser cleaning equipment.

Injection mould cleaning

We’re able to complete injection mould cleaning by burning off any contaminants using our laser cleaning equipment.

Industrial machine cleaning

We provide laser cleaning for machinery, NDT surface preparation, injection mould cleaning, and coating removal, and more.

All services

To see an overview of all our laser cleaning services and laser cleaning machines, visit our laser cleaning page.

Contact us for fire damage cleaning

Fire damage cleaning is a delicate process which requires an experienced hand. Our team is well versed in laser restoration and cleaning, so you can count on us to go above and beyond.

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