Heritage Site Restoration

Precision Laser Cleaning provides laser heritage restoration to building facades, structures, monuments, sculptures, and statues across Australia with laser cleaning services.

A Non-Abrasive Cleaning Method For Historic Stone and Metals

Heritage restoration projects require non-abrasive cleaning techniques to ensure no damage to monuments and structures. Our laser cleaning technology was specifically built for conservation by our partner conservation experts, CSOS Inc.

Our laser cleaning equipment provides precise, controllable levels of clean and the ability to blend, removing the damaging contaminants of a site while aesthetically preserving the signifiers of heritage, including patina. Precision Laser Cleaning’s environmentally friendly cleaning lasers are ideal for historic masonry and metal surfaces with no runoff, chemicals, or waste to clear after the clean.

Discover What Our Laser Cleaning Services Can Do For Your Heritage Project.

Building Facades

Biofilm Removal

Biofilm is the colonisation of bacteria, algae, and fungi on a surface, which leads to a visual deterioration on historic buildings. Laser cleaning vaporises the biofilm without further deteriorating the surface it is adhered to.

Coating and Overspray Removal

Often old coatings or overspray will need to be removed from heritage buildings during maintenance or restoration works without causing damage to the underlying surface. Laser cleaning can easily vaporise old coatings or overspray’s to delicate substrates without affecting the underlying surface.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can not only vandalise a property and cause a bleak visual affect, but often can damage the surface or paintwork underneath when incorrect removal techniques are used. Precision Laser Cleaning performs graffiti removal in a non-abrasive way by calibrating our lasers to remove only the graffiti itself without affecting the surface beneath it.


Heritage bridge Australia

Paint Removal

Structures such as heritage bridges, viaducts, and maritime assets including lighthouses are often coated in hazardous lead-based paints. When it comes to maintenance or restoration, there is no better method then our laser cleaning services. Laser cleaning provides instantaneous paint removal with no chemicals or abrasive media, making it the easiest and most environmentally friendly paint removal approach.
Surface Cleaning

Corrosion Removal

Our laser cleaners can be calibrated specifically to remove oxides, corrosion, and rust from heritage metals while preserving signs of the original heritage patina.

Monuments, Statues & Sculptures

Oxide and Corrosion Removal

Oxide and Corrosion Removal

We remove rust, corrosion, and oxides from natural wear-and-tear on public and private monuments, statues, and plaques with our non-abrasive laser cleaning equipment.
Preserving Patina

Preserving Patina

Where corrosion can be harmful to heritage sites, patina is often seen as an added value and sign of age and beauty. Our laser cleaning service distinguishes between corrosion and patina where other cleaning methods may not.

Paint and Coating Removal

Paint and Coating Removal

Our laser cleaning equipment is so precise that it can be calibrated to distinguish between overspray, graffiti, and individual coats of paint, so we can remove one without removing the paintwork you need kept.

Heritage Site Restoration Projects We’re Proud Of

  • Jefferson Memorial biofilm cleaning
  • Queen Victoria Market lead paint removal
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge granite pylon laser cleaning
  • St Pauls Coptic Church restoration
  • 3500-year-old Egyptian obelisk laser cleaning
Jefferson Memorial comparison

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We offer laser cleaning services to heritage sites across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and beyond. Our established and wide reach across Australia and our partnership with global leaders in heritage laser projects CSOS Inc. makes us the preferred laser cleaning company on heritage site restoration projects requiring non-abrasive cleaning for sensitive surfaces.

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