Our lead paint removal work on the Queen Victoria Market heritage restoration project

Queen Victoria Market heritage restoration

Precision Laser Cleaning provides lead paint removal across Australia using our experienced operators and industry-leading laser cleaning technology. Our laser cleaners complete lead paint removal safely, precisely, and with no waste left over. Lead paint removal is important on projects where lead paint could pose health risks to workers, including on weld preparation, civil construction, and heritage restoration projects where precise cleaning is vital to ensuring successful work.

A major restoration project that Precision Laser Cleaning has provided our services on is currently underway at the iconic Queen Victoria Market, a major landmark in Melbourne’s CBD. The Queen Victoria Market – also known as Vic Market or Queen Vic – is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, and the last remaining major market in the Melbourne CBD. As a major tourist attraction and National Heritage-listed site, the Queen Victoria Market required extensive heritage restoration works on the ageing materials it was constructed with.

One of the major components of this restoration project is strengthening and ensuring the longevity of the 100 year-old roof and trusses for years still to come. All nodes and trusses are to be strengthened and braced with extensive welding and engineering requirements. Learn about our paint removal work.

Queen Victoria Market – Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint removal for weld preparation

The Queen Victoria Market has been in operation since 1878, when lead paint was commonly used in constructions. Today, it is now commonly known that lead paints pose a significant health risk to workers when welding and grinding around the paint, since the paint coating can be damaged and become airborne for the workers to breathe in.

Precision Laser Cleaning was employed on the weld preparation stage of the project, preparing the worksite by performing laser lead paint removal before welding began to keep the worksite safe. Our highly portable laser cleaners were able to access hundreds of welding points via scissor lifts, and remove the lead paint from the areas to be welded.
Queen Victoria Market

Protecting the public from lead paint fumes

Traditional lead paint removal methods may damage the area around the welding points and produce paint fumes and other waste toxic to humans. They can also remove more paint than necessary, putting both the heritage building and the surrounding public in danger. PLC provides an alternative by using our laser cleaners that are accurate, non-destructive, and produce no waste. The laser cleaning process ablates the lead-based coating into a fume which is then captured directly in a HEPA fume extraction chamber, eliminating both the public’s and workers’ exposure to lead. Learn more about laser lead paint removal.

Lead Paint Removal

Discover what precision laser cleaning can do for you

We provide lead paint removal services, using our laser cleaners, to heritage restoration projects and more across Australia. Learn more about our paint removal services here, or contact us today to discover what we can do for you.

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