Our Heritage Building Fire Restoration Project

Precision Laser Cleaning was tasked to clean the carbon fire damage on the exterior brickwork of the Bendigo heritage building without removing 140 years’ worth of natural build up and contamination. We completed this by using our laser cleaning technology and strategically calibrating our lasers to only remove the soot and carbon deposits while not affecting the original heritage ageing of the bricks. This not only saved the heritage value of the build but also saved the customer cost due to only needing to clean the effected area and not the whole exterior of the building.

The Challenge

Our Fire Restoration Work on a Bendigo Heritage Building

After a severe internal fire in a 140-year-old heritage home in Bendigo in July 2018, Precision Laser Cleaning, along with Steamatic Bendigo, were contracted to use their unique laser cleaning technology to recover the damaged parts of the building. The damage included high levels of carbon build-up on the building’s exterior brickwork.

Why Bother Protecting Patina?

Patina is a coloured film produced as a result of a slow chemical reaction between copper, carbon dioxide, and water, that signifies age, heritage, and beauty. Patinas can be damaged in abrasive polishing or cleaning processes, which reduces the value of the property. Precision Laser Cleaning’s non-abrasive laser cleaning technology avoids damaging patina while vaporising other contaminants around it.

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